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  The Green House Model:
Another way we are advancing the art of living.
The Jewish Home Family is introducing an exciting, reimagined way of living. Working with the Green House Project, this new paradigm for care is built on three core values—real home, meaningful life and empowered staff. Elders live in small, self-contained households with a layout that encourages autonomy, designed for individualized care.
Our Green House households are designed as homes for 10–14 elders. Each household has private bedrooms and bathrooms as well as shared communal spaces for dining and activities. The focus is not on being home-like but truly on being home. Meaningful life is also core to the Green House philosophy, which means helping elders to be engaged on an individual basis, helping them to continue to have a sense of purpose. All of this is driven by empowered staff, staff who are consistently assigned to one home and who are multi-skilled workers called yedidim. These yedidim are certified nursing assistants who have had special training to work on all aspects of everyday life from cooking to light housekeeping as well as activities. Each household also has an assigned nurse and other ancillary staff.
Key to Green House is a culture that is not resident-centered but resident driven. That requires what Green House calls “deep knowing.” Knowing who a person is, their background, preferences, likes and dislikes and more enables us to tailor care and activities to each individual. All of us are different. Being elderly and living in a congregate care setting does not change that. Our Green House approach not only recognizes that but emphasizes it.

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