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  Meeting the growing demand for rehabilitation and eldercare services
Welcome! We’re happy to tell you about all the many things that are going on, and available to you, at The Jewish Home Family.
The Jewish Home began in Jersey City, New Jersey more than a century ago. Founded initially as a home for orphans, the organization soon expanded their mission to care for older women, and eventually, to become a center of care exclusively for older adults. While our location changed to Bergen County almost twenty years ago, our mission has remained the same, to provide the highest quality care to older adults in our community.
The Jewish Home Family today consists of a number of key elements: Jewish Home at Rockleigh, Jewish Home Assisted Living, Jewish Home at Home, and Jewish Home Foundation. Each of these is detailed in the following pages and each plays a role in helping to promote health, healthy aging and quality of life for our elders.
We know that the world of older adult services is changing at a rapid rate. Not only are people living longer but the number of older adults also is growing dramatically. And the care and services that people both need and want is evolving. We are working hard to make sure that we not only meet the needs of today but also effectively anticipate the needs of the future.
The result of that effort is our Second Century project, which is also detailed within these pages. We are preparing for the future, expanding our services and space for rehabilitation, which we know is key to healthy aging. We’re adding new inpatient rehab accommodations that will enhance the healing experience. And, in our second phase, we will begin transforming not just our long term care building but also the entire long term care experience, developing a setting that is not just homelike, but truly home for our residents.
We are excited about what lies ahead and for the opportunity to continue to understand and meet the needs of older adults. From our earliest days as an organization to now, one thing remains the same— a commitment to care and community. No matter what changes lie ahead, The Jewish Home Family will continue to build on our tradition of service and on our strong foundation of Jewish values.
Carol Silver Elliott
President & CEO Jewish Home Family

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