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  A tradition of honoring our elders by planting seeds for the future.
The Jewish Home Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, is responsible for raising funds for the purposes of providing care, programs, and services to seniors, elderly, and infirm in our community.
Donors are afforded numerous opportunities to help in supporting the programs and services The Jewish Home Family delivers to seniors and the elderly, both in our facilities and through our outreach programs and services through the Jewish Home Foundation. The Jewish Home Foundation currently offers the following opportunities for giving: Capital Campaigns, Endowment Fund, Boneh Olam Annual Giving Program, Patron Calendar Program, and Planned and Legacy Giving. Each program helps fund a specific cause and your financial support ensures that these programs accomplish the goals they set.
Boneh Olam Annual Giving Program
This program features a once-a-year appeal for annual operating funds supporting facilities, programs, and services. Participation in one of the nine “levels of giving” allows inclusion in each of the Foundations five major fundraising events of the year.
Second Century Campaign
The Second Century Capital Campaign provides the opportunity to those in the community who wish to contribute capital gifts to the $30MM Campaign that will construct a new rehabilitation facility and 60 new sub-acute rehabilitation rooms, positioning the Jewish Home as the facility of choice for rehabilitation services in our area. Dedications in memory or in honor of loved ones are available.
The Endowment Fund Program
This program allows donors to create either unrestricted endowments for general benefit or earmarked for specific purposes for generations to come.
Charuvim Society
The Jewish Home Foundation’s Charuvim Society honors those who have included the Jewish Home in their will with a legacy gift. Numerous vehicles such as a specific or unrestricted cash bequest, donation of appreciated stock, real estate, gift annuities, remainder trusts, or retirement accounts can be utilized to achieve the donor’s desire to provide support in the future for those the Jewish Home serves.
Your support
You can play a vital part in allowing us to carry forward the Jewish tradition of honoring our elderly. We thank you from the true beneficiaries of your philanthropy — the residents and outreach clients of Jewish Home at Rockleigh, Jewish Home Assisted Living and Jewish Home at Home.

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