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  Maintain the highest level of independence and quality of life.
Jewish Home at Home offers specialized programs and services that help seniors remain at home, well cared for and secure. Jewish Home at Home is a non-sectarian program open to all seniors regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.
Gallen Day Center is a community-based program which offers participants the opportunity to socialize with peers and maintain or improve their level of functioning so that they can remain in their community.
This service provides assistance to caregivers who have the responsibility of caring for an older adult who requires a structured, supervised setting. Gallen Day Center provides care, stimulating programming, and activities for seniors and individuals with disabilities. In addition to having access to the amenities and therapies available at Jewish Home at Rockleigh, Gallen provides transportation, nutritious meals, and a warm circle of support for caregivers and participants with a wide range of needs — including special tracks catering to memory care as well as movement disorders.
For more information and a complimentary great day for you or your loved one to check out the program call 551-444-3143.

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