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  Get the results you need with our short-term rehabilitation.
We make healing enjoyable and interesting through programs like dance and Tai Chi. Our recreation programming is coordinated with rehab to enhance your recovery. We focus on individualized healing for every scenario.
Boxing is another method we use to provide intense, repetitive exercise. There is a therapeutic focus on core strength, coordination, stamina, agility and balance for people living with movement disorders.
Technology-Driven Therapy
We use the latest innovative tools to make your rehab a success and enhance progress toward your goals. Our Virtual Rehabilitation Platform (VRP) uses state-of-the-art motion-capture technology for accurate assessment and recording of reach and range of motion. Tools like this make therapy challenging and fun, improving participation and outcomes.
Focus on Outcomes
Your rehab care is as individual as you are. We begin to plan for your safe discharge home as soon as you arrive, making sure we are helping you to return to as much independence as possible. Throughout your treatment, a physiatrist performs assessments to keep your individual rehabilitation plan on track.

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